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INGREDIENTS (4 servings):

320 g boneless beef round, salt, pepper, 1/2 Japanese radish ("daikon"), cooking oil, 100 ml citrus-soy dipping sauce ("ponzu" sauce), 4 perilla leaves ("oba" or "aojiso"), 10 g ginger, 1 clove fresh garlic, 2 tablespoons pickled "ume" (unripe Japanese plums preserved in salt) with pits removed
  1. Grate Japanese radish and drain briefly in strainer.
  2. Cut perilla leaves and ginger into matchstick-size pieces. Slice garlic. Heat cooking oil in frying pan, add garlic and fry over low heat until crisp.
  3. Cut beef into bite-size pieces, season with salt and pepper. Heat cooking oil in frying pan, add beef and panbroil. (4) Arrange (1)-(3) on serving plate and garnish with "ume." Serve with citrus-soy dipping sauce.
Nutritional value
calories: 214 kcal, protein: 17.7 g, fat: 13.3 g, carbohydrate: 4.1 g, fiber: 0.7 g, calcium: 38 mg, iron: 2 mg, sodium: 161 mg, potassium: 574 mg, vitamin A: 0 IU, vitamin B1: 0.11 mg, vitamin B2: 0.21 mg, vitamin C: 18 mg, salt: 0.4 g

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