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INGREDIENTS (4 servings):

400 g boneless chicken thigh, salt, 1 tablespoon "sake" (Japanese rice wine), salad oil (for greasing pan), 1/2 cucumber, 40 g carrot, 1/2 leek, 30 g fresh green seaweed ("wakame" seaweed), 8 cherry tomatoes
Sesame dressing:40 ml vinegar, 2 teaspoons sugar, 40 ml soy sauce ("shoyu"), 2 tablespoons fish, kelp-flavored stock ("nidashijiru"), 1 tablespoon salad oil, 1 tablespoon white sesame seeds
  1. Prick chicken skin with fork and sprinkle with salt and "sake." Place chicken in greased roasting pan and cook in preheated high-speed gas oven. High-speed gas oven temperature: about 460F (230C) Roasting time: About 12 minutes
  2. Cut cucumber into strips, run water over them and drain in colander. Do the same with carrot and leek.
  3. Soak seaweed until soft, and blanch in boiling water for a few seconds. Drain in colander and cut into 2 cm pieces.
  4. Cut cherry tomatoes into half.
  5. Toast sesame seeds and chop roughly. Mix all dressing ingredients until well blended.
  6. When chicken is done, thinly slice diagonally into bite-size pieces. Pour half of dressing over slices.
  7. Arrange (2), (3), (4) and (6) attractively and pour remaining dressing over salad.
Nutritional value
calories: 256 kcal, protein: 21.8 g, fat: 15.2 g, carbohydrate: 6.2 g, fiber: 0.5 g, calcium: 70 mg, iron: 3.1 mg, sodium: 1,865 mg, potassium: 443 mg, vitamin A: 655 IU, vitamin B1: 0.14 mg, vitamin B2: 0.34 mg, vitamin C: 11 mg, salt: 4.7 g

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