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Tororo konbu

Basic Recipes

Rice balls (omusubi)

Ingredients: (for 4 servings)

3 cups rice (540 cc), 2 sheets seaweed, 4 small umeboshi, 1 piece of tarako (cod roes), tororo konbu (tangle flakes) as desired, 1piece of salted salmon, sesame seeds as desired, 1 teaspoon salt.





  1. Cook rice. (see; cooking rice)
  2. Bake cod roes on fish grill or in microwave, cut into 1cm pieces.
  3. Bake salmon on both side, remove skin and bones. Shred into small pieces. (preshreded salmon packs are available)
  4. Lightly toast two seaweed sheets together over grill and toast the othersides together. Be careful not to burn. Cut into 4 pieces lengthwise.
  5. In a small bowl Mix 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of water to make temizu (water for hands).

How to make:

Put about a handful of rice into a small bowl.Put a little salt water (temizu) on both hands .Hold rice in palm. Make for four onigiri each filling.
see "How to make omusubi" for detail with illustrations.

  • Umeboshi and seaweed.
    Put 1 umeboshi into middle of rice and form ball by squeezing together. Wrap seaweed around rice ball.
  • Baked tarako and tororo konbu.
    Put tarako piece in center, form ball. Wrap tororo konbu (or seaweed) around rice ball.
  • Salmon and white sesame seed.
    Mix sesame seeds with salmon flakes into 1/3 of rice with out pressing.

Other ideas for rice ball fillings: Katsuobushi mixed with a little soy sauce, finely chopped tsukemono ( Japanese pickles), tsukudani. Enjoy the variety of fillngs pre-packcaged or your own .

note: If available, omusubi mold makes forming easier.

omusubi mold


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