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Hints for Agemono (fry)

Crispiness is the desired texture for fried food.To fry ingredients sucessfully...

  1. Use plenty of oil.
  2. Start frying from vegetable then meat then fish in order of least water content.
  3. Keep oil temperature stable by not frying too many items at the same time.
  4. Tempreture should stay 160-180c. Check readiness of oil tempurature by dropping a bit of batter, if it floats to the top immediately the oil is ready .
  5. Skim off any loose batter often.
  6. Use a thick skillet or pan for frying.
  7. Place on frying net to drain excess oil.
  8. Combine batter for Tempura but don't mix completely.

Agemono Recipes:

Tamanegi No Kushiage

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