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Vinegar mix (awasezu)

There are three types of vinegar mix for dressing, Nihaizu, Sanbaizu, Amasu. Add different ingriedents to these basic vinegar mixes. Variations are available.

Basically, vinegar and soy sauce mixed.
(Dashi can add to make flavor milder)
Vinegar, soy sauce and sugar (sweetner).
Vinegar and sugar. More sweet than sour.

Vinegar mix. (Basic)
awasezu vinegar soysouce sugar other for
Nihaizu 100cc 100cc 30cc 10ccdashi seafood,
Sanbaizu 100cc 50cc
3 Tbsps - general use
Amasu 100cc - 3 Tbsps bit of salt Seafood, vegetable

  • Change mixing ratio according to recipe.
  • Add Dashi to make flavor mild.
  • Use less soysauce and add a little salt to taste lightens color of ingredients.

Other useful variations:
Tosazu 50ccSanbaizu 1 tsp mirin, 5g katsubushi. seafood
Mizorezu 50ccAmasu 1/2cup
grated daikon
seafood and chicken
Gomazu 50ccSanbaizu 3 Tbsps white sesame paste vegetables
Shogasu 50ccSanbaizu 1 tsp ginger juice vegetables

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