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How to use dried ingredients

Introducing how to prepare dried ingredients and how to use flavored water.

Dried Shitake mushrooms
Wash quickly, remove stems and dirt. Soak in water for about 30 minutes. Don't soak in boiling water. This causes flavor loss. shitake must be thouroughly saturized. Use left-over soaking water in nimono, chawanmushi and other dishes.

Dried Hijiki
Wash lightly and remove sand and dirt.Soak in lots of water for about 30 minutes. When saturized (becomes about 8 times bigger) wash a few times with water.

Dried Wakame
Wash quickly, remove stems and dirt. Should be prepared 5 min. before cooking so that wakame doesn't become jelly like (it loses color and flavor). if wakame is hard use luke warm water (4-5 times the amount of water).

Wash entirely. Remove sand and dirt. Remove excess water by squeezing. Sprinkle with salt and massage in. When it becomes soft, shake salt off and put kanypo in boilling water. Don't leave in water too long or it will loose it's taste and flavor.

Dried Daikon
Wash entirely and remove dirt. Soak in water for 1 hour and use that water to cook them in.

Prepare wet cloth spreading yuba on top of it, holding together and wait for water to absorb from cloth.

Soak in lots of luke warm water, place on the strainer when it becomes transluscent.

Kikurage Mushroom
Soak in lots of water, place on strainer when soft and spread out .

Dried Shell meat
Wash quickly, place in a pot, pour over boiling water to cover entirely, put lid on and wait for half an hour. Heat, then add a little sake until soft. Prepare over night by soaking in luke warm water. This broth has more taste than the meat, use it for soups or zousui.

Dried shrimp
Wash quickly.Remove dirt. Soak in luke-warm water for half an hour. Left-over water has a seafood taste, use it in noodle soup.

Harusame (back) Kikurage, dried shrimp, shiitate, dried shell meat. Washing kanpyo.

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