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Mentsuyu (soup for noodles)

Generally, mentsuyu is made from ichban dashi whose main ingredients are kelp and katsuobushi flake. (See Dashi) To enhance the flavor of mentsuyu, allow the katsuobushi flakes to seep for while when making dashi. Mentsuyu is most delicious prepared about a half day ahead. Letting it sit enrichens the flavor.


Heat 5 cups of dashi (ichiban dashi) with a Tablespoon each of sugar and mirin, add half a cup of light flavor soy sauce. Just before it comes to a boil stop heat.

Soba / Soumen

Heat 1/3 cup of mirin and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a pot. Stop heat before it boils. Add half cup of soy sauce. Add 1 cup dashi, more or less depending on saltiness desired. This type of mentsuyu is suitable for hiyamugi and nikomiudon.

Mentsuyu recipes:

Kitsune Udon

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