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How to keep rice cakes (mochi) fresh

Due to fresh mochi's high water content, it becomes mouldy after 1-2 weeks. Here are some tips on how to keep mochi from becoming mouldy.

  1. Mizumochi:
    Keep mochi in water to prevent moulding. Change water daily. Keep it covered in a cool, dark place. Steaming or boiling renews freshness. Place mochi in a bowl of water when heating in a microwave oven.
  2. To store dry:
    Cut or slice into pieces, keep dry. If mochi becomes too hard to cut, dry as block in a well ventilated place. It takes days for it to naturally crack into pieces. Fry pieces in oil, sprinkle with salt. This is called kakimochi (arare).
  3. To store in the freezer:
    Fresh mochi should be individually wrapped and stored in the freezer. It keeps it's freshness 3-4 months stored this way.
  4. To store in the refrigerator:
    Remove powder covering mochi and place it on sheets to wrap in. Spray sake over the top and wrap tightly. Keep in the refrigerator. This way it doesn't become mouldy as quickly.

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