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Hints for Nimono

Generally start with strong flame until it boils. Reduce flame just enough to keep simmering. Be careful not to cook too fast or it will lose taste and shape of ingriedent.

Drop lid (otoshibuta)
It prevents surface from drying, It allows soup to evenly absorb.

Cutting and order of cooking
Cut ingriedents into same size pieces so that they cook evenly. Cook ingredients in order of time needed to cook.

Sugar, mirin, sake should add first, cook ingredient then add soy souce and salt. When you don't have time or ingredient are preboiled then add everything at the same time.

Fish Nimono
Boil broth for cooking fish. When it starts to boil place fish in it covered with otoshibuta. Continue to heat on a medium flame. while cooking occasionally cover fish with broth scooped from the bottom.

Cook ingredients completely covered with dashi not more or less. When it become soft add seasoning and cover with otoshibuta, reduce flame and heat on medium flame until all liquid is gone.

Fry then boil
Preparing fried ingridents add dashi soup and seasoning, simmer on a medium flame.

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