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Preparing Tofu

Tofu is 90% water. The amount of water removed depends on how tofu will be used. Firmness is determined by amount of water removed from tofu.
To remove water, prepare dry cloth spread on chopping board, place tofu on top of it, cover, hold together and wait for water to drain from cloth.

Cutting hints:

Always wet knife before using. When cutting on cutting board, cut from right to left. On palm, cut tofu left to right into small pieces. Drop gently into miso soup.

  1. Yakko size tofu cubes are 3-4 cubic cm. Tofu block sizes vary, divide into 6-8 cubes.
  2. Sainome cut is smaller than yakko. Cut tofu this size for miso soup.
  3. Arare cut is smaller than sainome cut. This method is used often in vinegar dishes.

Preparing Aburage, removing excess oil.

Pour boiling water over aburage before using to remove excess oil. Slightly boil atsuage or ganmodoki before using. Press firmly to remove any excess water.

Preparing tofu for Inari Sushi

Cut prepared aburage in half. Open halves carefully from the inside. Make a bag, insert prepared rice. Roll edges closed.

Preparing freeze dried tofu (koyadofu)

Freeze dried tofu is first soaked in boiling water. Stop it from floating to the top by placing a small plate or lid directly on top of the water. Soak until tofu softens completely. Rinse off excess water, if water remains a whitish color, repeat soaking process .

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