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Asakusa nori




Ingriedents: (for 8 pieces)

800 grams sushimeshi, 4 shrimps, sake, salt, 4 shiitake (1/2 cup of water used for soaking, 4 teaspoons sugar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce), 1 sheet Asakusa nori, 1/2 cucumber, 6 eggs (2 teaspoons sugar,1/3 salt,1 tablespoon starch), 8 mitsuba (trefoil).

How to make:

  1. Remove black vein from shrimp, put a pinch of salt and sprinkle sake over, steam it. Remove shell, cut into small pieces.
  2. Soak shiitake in water for preparing, drain excess water and cut off stems.
  3. Place shiitake in a pot with water used for soaking them, sugar and soy sauce, bring to a boil, reduce flame, simmer slowly until almost dry. Cut shiitake into hosogiri.
  4. Cut cucumber into 5mm cubic sizes.
  5. Dry Asakusa nori over the flame, wrap with dried cloth, smash into small pieces.
  6. Mix all the ingriedents into sushimeshi, divide into 8.
  7. Fry eggs, added with sugar, salt and starch. Form it thinly for 8 sheets.
  8. Remove root from mitsuba, boil briefly.
  9. Spread sheet of fried egg, place sushimeshi in the center, hold each corner of sheet to the center for wrapping around. Bind with mitsuba using it as a string to tie.

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