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Ingriedents: (for 2 rolls)

400 grams sushimeshi, 10 grams kanpyou (2/3 #2 dashi, 4 teaspoons each sugar and light flavored soy sauce), 4 pieces dried shiitake (1/2 cup of water used for soaking,4 teaspoons sugar,1 tablespoon soy sauce), 20 grams mitsuba (trefoil), 1/2 yakianago, 2 atsuyaki-tamago (thick fried egg)1cm x 1cm x 15 cm, 2 sheets asakusanori.

How to make:

  1. Soak kanpyou in water,boil together with dashi, sugar and light flavored soy sauce.
  2. Soak shiitake in water, boil together with the water used for soaking, sugar and soy sauce,cut into hosogiri.
  3. Cut yakianago into thin strips.
  4. Remove root from mitsuba,boil briefly.
  5. Dry asakusanori over flame briefly, put 2 sheets togerther surface to surface. (Shinning side is surface. Expose back side only over flame).
  6. Place nori on makisu, put a half of sushimeshi in the center. Spread sushimeshi over 3/4 evenly, leave 1/4 space toward end.
  7. Place drained kanpyou, shiitake, anago, atsuyaki-tamago and mitsuba lengthwise in the middle of sushimeshi.
  8. Pick up end of makisu to cover fillings with sushimeshi, roll and form it round gently. Turn the end of the roll down. Do another one.
  9. Cut a roll into 8 pieces right before eating.

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