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Three Mochi Recipes

Yaki Mochi:

Broil mochi on the net, add taste to desire.

Broil with soy sauce, and roll with nori.
Broil mochi, soak in hot water, then cover with a mixture of sugar, kinako (bean powder).
Sugar & Soysauce:
Eat with tare of soy sauce and sugar.

Age Mochi:

Fry mochi in middle temperature oil.

Add sauce to desired taste. Soy sauce, soy sauce & sugar, gomadare (4 table spoons irigoma, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce).

Kaki Mochi

Fry dried mochi in small pieces, oil temperature low, shake salt over when cooked. Thinly sliced mochi become like balloon, soft and crispy, when it fried in low tempreture oil. If tempreture of oil is high mochi become lightly browned solid agesenbei.

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